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Energoefektiva māja, A+ ēka

Modular houses

Well-thought-out home projects have been developed for each one's needs to meet everyone's wishes and expectations. From comforting small houses for holidays to large family private houses. We invite you to take a look!

Construction work

Our professional team offers construction services. Construction of wooden houses, installation of windows and doors, installation of roofs.

Carpentry services

We will produce comfortable and good kitchen equipment, windows and doors, fence and gate. Individual solid wood furniture and stairs.

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Why choose a modular house?

Convenient and easy

The production process of modules is simpler compared to the usual construction process of a private house. Thanks to the modular design, it is easy to vary with combinations and layouts.


The Assembly process is simple and understandable and may be done under the supervision of our team, requiring minimum time and involvement of local construction team. All the production is done at the factory, only house foundations, power and water supply are required to be done locally. That minimizes both administrative, labour and management costs, providing a fast and effective way of construction.
Energoefektiva māja, A+ ēka


A factory-made house means greater efficiency of this process, as well as guarantees faster deadlines.
Energoefektiva māja, A+ ēka

Environmentally friendly

Modular houses are becoming more common because they are environmentally friendly. With sustainable development in mind, raw materials are used in production, environmentally friendly. Taking care of nature, we will keep our land green.

Latest modular house projects

About us

We are a professional team of carpenters and builders who have been engaged in carpentry and various wooden structures for 20 years. Since 2017, we have been developing and offering cosy and modern housings that have been built qualitatively in our factory. 

Every day, one more and more often begins to think about the ecological, ergonomic and economic environment. We are thinking more than reducing our daily spending. Wooden frame modular houses meet today’s standards and remain an increasingly sought-after product on the market.

Houses can be produced for up to 3 months by fixing the sales price. This allows you to save money.

MMOM modular houses are designed to have efficient air circulation and are warm, dry, ergonomic, meeting all established construction standards.

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