Odin T 72 sqm

Insulated wooden frame modular house. Small in size, but light and comfortable. Energy-efficient, allowing you to reduce monthly heating bills.

A spacious terrace adapted for the house, for lazy evenings or for morning coffee.

Functional interior with open kitchen, two separate bedrooms and two bathrooms.

It is possible to build a loft floor for the house, in addition to a sleeping place. As well as transform one bathroom into a utility room.

Price starting from 90 000 EUR

Standard technical specification:

Insulated house timber frame (250 mm insulation in roof, 200 mm – in exterior walls, 250 mm – in floor).

Fully finished exterior of the house. House cladding is made of dry planed boards, painted with high-quality water-based façade paints Teknos, made in Germany and Sweden.  Ruukki classic original metal roofing and water drainage system. PVC windows and external doors with GEALAN 8000 7 camera profile, two-chamber package with 3 glasses.

Interior decoration: Fully finished interior decoration. The walls are sheathed with painted boards or painted walls. Vinyl laminate. Installation of water and sewage pipes. Electrical wires installed into the walls in compliance with the EU standard, a distribution cabinet with safety automation, sockets and switches, electrical connectors. Tiled bathroom, shower cabin with a built-in trap, sink, water boiler, pot.

Customizable: Layout of premises, number and arrangement of windows and doors, insulation, exterior decoration and interior decoration.

Additional equipment: Terrace, awnings, solar panels, fireplace, parking lot, furniture, kitchen equipment with appliances.

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Designed for

5 years

Guarantee for the house

0 weeks

Until installation